Under A June Moon Sky

Feel me free falling,

an unknown hero,
battling the

What are these strange things
pulling me backwards
tacked to my shoulders
colours of autumn beguile?

They are met with an irresistible compulsion
to jump off the jagged edge of devotion.
I find myself reaching for billions of stars
somehow still shining without sin
in the nightmare of my memoirs.
My eyes question their existence,
as this persistent
heart bids me onward,
beckoning “Fly!”.

Here comes the night,
that rabid wolf,
tearing open ancient wounds I know too well.
Only god knows how I survive.

These pernicious dishes
created with wishes
as if I had this
under control.
My recipe lost and confused
between my own
sense of self
the lies.

But sitting here with you on these thrones,
I wonder can another
feel it too.
Radiant waves of energy
reach to the dark in a synergy
found between honest confessions
that blind
the ways we pretend to be
just fine,
asking, who am I?

I pray,
inside chaos,
for grace.

The is change overwhelming
can’t breathe in that place.
I fight to regain
what I knew of my identity
but reality
proves bulletproof.
Watch me? What this suffering soul,
detached from her muse,
even these words are vacuous,
without my Beloved’s eyes.

I am like the tide
continually kissing the shore
a mantra no melody scores,
waiting for a fragrant future
dreamt of and nurtured
by the Truth.

I hope that hope can want me enough
to quench the thirsty sand of my disillusionment.
Maybe time will prevail over Mara’s serpent tail,
the salty waves keep a brave face towards the light.

in the still of misshapen moonlight,
the weeping of my ascended mastery subsides
enough for this tiny beast to stop crying
and feel the powers of my tribe.

It is here, with you,
in the presence of open hearts
eye to eye,
word to word,
that I finally glean
the terrifying pause
of atonement.

Treat me gently
as I say goodbye.

If you stop to listen
you will hear me singing,
asking for a new beginning,
grasping like a drown man spinning,
no anchor in sight
but tethered with you tonight
under a June moon sky.

Mira Black
August 6, 2016