Homeward Bound



It’s time to go home. The chapter between my fathers death years ago and this moment now, and now and then again now, takes me back to you through the vortex of my “Dark Night of the Soul”.

This heart has reached for the Sun and burned to the core of it’s own true nature for the simple devotion toTruth. It takes the whole of you. The longing of a love song in which I grew into my  Beloved’s symphony. This is the Phoenix journey back to Me. The way home.

There is a path revealing it’s self,  in technicolor and still murky in the pre dawn light of it’s own desires. Surrendering opens an unfamiliar rhythm dancing to my fire. Though my limbs are brand new, brandishing, giving up the fight, I fall inside a precarious parachute, opening with purpose and delight.

Music. My grounding stone. I am coming home to a brotherhood. I seek to be reminded of what it means to be “a good Man”. My sisters bid me, stand. I am tickled by renewed friendships and clan. I gather my Tribe inside sacred space.

I am.

Step in, show up and bare my soul to the unknown forces that bite and beguile me. That place of spontaneous composition and the evocation of creation reminding me of who we really are. A band of merry messengers travelling through our lives in search of meaning, purpose, reverberation, conscious rectification. And play. Most of all, let us play.

Winnipeg, MB


September 10th 2017

That is the very first clue of a scavenger hunt for my new show in development. Mark it on your calendar to check back here for details then book your time, your flight, your energy, your sitter, watcher, witness, driver, partners and friends. We gather at this rainbows end to discover new lessons and beauty, test of fire and duty brought to the stage by this Muse.

Talk to you soon.


Mira Black


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