Be well sister

when I see a woman
walking down the street,
I think I can feel her sadness.
in that
I close my eyes,
open my heart
to tenderly, silently say,
“Be well sister.”
It seems small
though full of love
and a little bit of colour
and little more of power
What ever I may have to share at this
We need you awake and alive
in this matriarch
because our men
are so tired
our leaders confounded
they need us to stand up
need us to show up
and be grounded.
The patriarch is pained and afraid.
Our little boys shown sensuality as porn
while little girls learn of love through
His eyes
looking at Her.
If all I can do is love her
silently as I drive by
it is a
of another
then another
begets more.
I am awake and shining through Divinity
then another.
Then two more minutes
begets more.
And if by any chance she can feel our
as we love her in the places
she’s forgotten how to love herself.
“Be well sister.”
Mira Black

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